Yours truly in a yellow jacket on Cypress mountain

Hey, I’m Dima.

  • I really like computers and languages.

  • Right now, I’m working at Amazon as a Software Development Engineer in Alexa Home Productivity.

  • My area of interest in NLP is BERTology and in general the NLU capabilities of large pretrained language models. In my master’s thesis, I probed BERT for its knowledge of troponomy and verbal hypernymy.

  • I also like writing fast programs in languages like Go and Rust, along with client-side webapps.

  • My only claim to fame is, but I’ve written other neat programs as well.

  • And got listed on a US patent along the way.

  • …check out my cozy post-rock / post-folk music too.


Handy Linux One-Liners

Some shell one-liners I find useful on Solus

IPA vowel practice

Small webapp to get an ear for IPA vowels


Deep Fried Memes

Webapp to “deep-fry” memes with JPEG compression and filters.


AI-powered demotivator generator.


Companion daemon for Ripcord (shareware Discord client) for better notifications.


Hybrid Icelandic + Old Norse morphological analyzer.


Tool for generating Kindle dictionaries from Wiktionary definitions.

5 more ⟶



RSS seems so out of place in the modern web.

  • No ads, no algorithms deciding content for you - you subscribe to what you want.
  • No brain-numbing infinitely scrolling views - you get a measured portion.
  • Largely decentralized, no habit tracking.

Maybe it’s time to implement that on here, in solidarity if nothing else.


Revolving doors stress me out.

There’s a very narrow window to hop in and out of them, and it feels like if I miss that window, I’ll be turned into a fine pink mist. The non-drafty aspect is nice of course, but aren’t airlocks cooler?


How do you measure the deadness of a subreddit? By the median age of its top posts.

Check it out: codepen


We need really notation to indicate cognates inline with text. Originally I thought of “<>”, to mirror the way etymologies are written (world < *weraldiz) but my friend Henkka proposed “::”. That looks nicer, and reminds me namespacing in Rust and C++.

The Swedish word hjul (:: wheel) sounds like jul (:: yule).