Hei, I’m Dima.

These days I’m working on my master’s degree in Language Technology at the University of Helsinki. Halfway through, though self-quarantined back in Vancouver, Canada at the moment.

I like writing fast apps in languages like Go, C#, and Rust, along with static html webapps (most recently with WebAssembly!).

Of those, my only claim to fame is deepfriedmemes.com, but I’ve written other neat programs too.

…check out my cozy post-rock music too.



Deep Fried Memes

Webapp to “deep-fry” memes with JPEG compression and filters.


AI-powered demotivator generator


Companion daemon for Ripcord (shareware Discord client) for better notifications


Hybrid Icelandic + Old Norse morphological analyzer


Collects Wiktionary definitions into the Kindle format for in-book lookups

and 5 more ...

Small Potatoes


RSS seems so out of place in the modern web.

  • No ads, no algorithms deciding content for you - you subscribe to what you want.
  • No brain-numbing infinitely scrolling views - you get a mesasured portion.
  • Largely decentralized, no habit tracking.

Maybe it’s time to implement that on here, in solidarity if nothing else.


Revolving doors stress me out.

There’s a very narrow window to hop in and out of them, and it feels like if I miss that window, I’ll be turned into a fine pink mist. The non-drafty aspect is nice of course, but aren’t airlocks cooler?


How do you measure the deadness of a subreddit? By the median age of its top posts.

Check it out: codepen


We need really notation to indicate cognates inline with text. Originally I thought of <>, to mirror the way etymologies are written (world < *weraldiz) but my friend Henkka proposed ::. That looks nicer, and reminds me namespacing in C++.


The Swedish word hjul (:: wheel) sounds like jul (:: yule).