Trying to make sense of degree requirements

Made a thing that is basically a limited spreadsheet with tags on each row and LINQ queries.
Its purpose was to plan out my future courses at UBC, but even with this it’s really tough.

Give it a shot: Download


A Jónsi-like bowed guitar sound

I made more crescendocore post-rock, which includes melodica, bowed guitar, along with stretched samples of hitting an empty tuna can and a bag of loose change.

For posterity, here is how I processed bowed guitar in the above track without paying thousands for a reverb unit and amp.

The overdrive really has to come after the reverb, unlike traditional guitar effect chains.

So first, the reverb. I pretty much always use the convolver now, just because it sounds so good and natural. Any cathedral sample should do, and after fiddling with stretch I decided to just leave it be.

convolver preset

Then, using the poor man’s Guitar Rig (FreeAmp 3 Full) , the overdrive.


And that’s it!